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One question...WHERE THE HELL DO THOSE ASIANS GET THEIR MONEY FROM? Seriously everywhere I turn in the Louis Vuitton store were all Asians. Everywhere I looked in the LaFayette were all Asians. The people buying those brands in huge amounts were Asians. One woman was even so strange to buy 20 bags in different colours and sizes, each bags about 15 pieces. Just what the hell?!?

Why do i not feel the urge to buy it? Don't get me wrong. The Dior sunglasses, 250 euro a piece, looked amazing and i definitely want to have it. The cute bag at the LV store would look really good. And not to mention the big LV trunk is something i always wanted to have. I do have the money (if I decided to stop smoking and stop eating that is) but yeah...no urge yet. It's just so strange to see. Since we are all asians.